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//Preset box predisplit
Predisplit is a preset box for air conditioning plant. It’s realized with rigid polystyrene and, thanks to its strength, can support any strain caused by installation works.

Yard cover (separately available) is used to protect inside part of preset box during building works.
  • cassetta-predisplit
    CODE 0010 PS
    cassetta predisplit The pre-arranged box is made of shock-resistant PS. Condensate conveyor is placed inside and it’s easy to inspect since it’s not under chase, its location makes it possible to connect the drain pipe both on the right. Its distance from the basis of the box prevents humidity from forming on the wall. predisplit
  • coperchio-cantiere
    CODE 0012 CP
    Cover for yard to be utilized when plastering the walls, equipped with removable tools to the box for fixing the conditioner template. predisplit