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Thanks to the experience acquired in the field, in 1997 Artiplastic developed its own line of ducts and accessories, CANALSPLIT®, reserved for the sector of plant engineering for air conditioning.

Canalsplit Line
Canalsplit Midi Line

Thanks to its experience ARTIPLASTIC realized in 1997 a proper line of ducts and accessories, CANALSPLIT®, that is turned to the plant engineering and conditioning field. CANALSPLIT® is an elegant and practical rigid PVC system self-dying out and resistant to U.V. rays, that allows to install easily and rapidly new pipes for your plants of conditioning.

Following new different market requests, ARTIPLASTIC realized a new line of ducts, “CANALSPLIT-MIDI®”, perfectly integrable with all the accessories of the CANALSPLIT® line.

A system that spells quality

The CANALSPLIT® conduits and accessories are manufactured in stiff PVC type V0, self-extinguishing and resistant to UV rays, to ensure the highest endurance over time and in any installation conditions. The PVC used is of the finest type and manufactured exclusively in Italy, in accordance with the Rohs2 and Reach standards.

About Our Products
Accessories such as the canalisation are made of rigid shock and U.V. resistant PVC. Accessories are mounted by slightly pressing the ancorage point CANAL /ACCESSORY.

In order to guarantee more rapid and practical installations it has been carried out a series of special accessories for the duct type 06 and 08 standard and midi models. Their main characteristic is the possibility of regulating the angles and the ability to solve any different kind of installation. The vertical angle is a perfect coupling between the internal angle and the plane curve. So it allows, when there’s a limited available space, the changing of both direction and plan keeping adherent to the edge of the walls.

Canalsplit®03 and Canalsplit®04 service ducts are realized to content condensation drain pipes and eventually other wirings. Related PVC accessories are complete the range for a perfect aesthetics fi nishing.

Minitrunking has been realized to solve eventual problem during installation related to electrical power. Rigid self extinguisching PVC material VO. U.V. rays high resistant. White RAL 9001 colour.

The duct cut starts moving below lever that command cutter blade with velocity related to power applyed for optimal results. Victor cut all Canalsplit® range and electrical minitrunking until 90 x 65 section (Canalsplit® 09).

Cone support has been realized to have a different esthetic solution respect to common fl oor support. Vibration reduction is warranty by o-ring below positioned and soft PVC platelet that also allow to level air conditioning external unit by overlap use. Floor support for external air conditioning unit allow fl oor installation of your air conditioner motor. Thanks to its trapezoid reinforced shape can easily support weight of external unit and decrease generated vibration. Floor support are supplied with practical and comfortable pre packed couple fi lmed with plastic fi lm that contain screw for correct installation.

Rubber black fl oor supports are a practical versatile and environmentally friendly solution. Support are made of black SBR recycled rubber that warranty an high decrement of vibrations and durability. External unit (or other utilities) can be fi xed through aluminum channel (section 40mm x 21mm) recessed into support. Support’s has also practical hole to fi x it to ground. It’s supplied with fi xing components.

Air defl ector is an essential accessory when need to defl ect internal unit air fl ow. It’s made with white plastic and it’s easy and quick to be installed thanks to provided screws. Is also supplied with an insulation slab to avoid creation of condense on it.

Predisplit is a preset box for air conditioning plant. It’s realized with rigid polystyrene and, thanks to its strength, can support any strain caused by installation works. Yard cover (separately available) is used to protect inside part of preset box during building works.

Spiraled smooth inside pipe is used to unload condensate water. It can be easily connected with internal or external air conditioning unit. It’s produced with soft PVC with spiraled part made of rigid PVC. It could be fi xed to the wall with pipe holder clips or with ducts Canalsplit®03 Canalsplit®04. Corrugated pipe present optimal resistant to weight pressure and offer connection at 75 cm range. Accessories Y joint, linear joint, T joint and siphon could be connected directly on pipes to solve particular installation situation. Rigid drain condensate pipe is an alternative solution to common fl exible spiralated or corrugated pipes and warranty an high U.V. rays resistant and weight pressure resistance. I could be installed on wall or inside wall and thanks to its accessories to connect and derivate could be quickly installed to all condition.


Self-adhesive anti condensation tape made of elastomeric foam. C Black or white color and 3mm thickness. Class of reaction to fi re: B-s3, d0 (EN 13501).


Aluminum tapes guarantee high heat and light resistance. Optimal for sealing and protection ensure an high aesthetic fi nish to insulation.


Experience projected into the future

Our first fourty years

Artiplastic was founded in 1973 as a business in the field of the transformation and processing of plastic materials on behalf of third parties, chiefly in the industrial sector.
In the pursuit of its line of business, the company directly manufactures and markets extruded and co-extruded profiles for several types of commodities sectors.

Serving the customer
Artiplastic production relies on a broad range of state-of-the-art single and dual screw extrusion lines, in order to offer its customers the very best in terms of efficiency and quality to price ratio. Artiplastic also offers its customers a support and consulting service, engaging in the design and concept of customized profiles.

Dynamic and flexible
Located nearby Milan, a strategic point for the distribution of its products in Italy and Europe, Artiplastic develops on an indoor surface area of 3,500 square meters and is organized so as to ensure its customers quality, efficiency, professionalism and competitive edge on the market.

The productive factory of ARTIPLASTIC in Settimo Milanese (Milan).

Our history


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Where we are

Located nearby Milan, a strategic point for the distribution of its products in Italy and Europe, Artiplastic develops on an indoor surface area of 3,500 square meters and is organized so as to ensure its customers quality, efficiency, professionalism and competitive edge on the market

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