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//CanalsplitMidi ducts
Following new different market requests, ARTIPLASTIC realized a new line of ducts, “CANALSPLIT-MIDI®”, perfectly integrable with all the accessories of the CANALSPLIT® line.

Thanks to its design and to its methodology of production the “midi” line, that has not the encirclements covers, is cheaper than the traditional line CANALSPLIT®, and maintaining practicality, rapidity of installation, quality and elegance.
  • canalsplitmidi_06
    Duct is designed for the installation of mono-splits.
    TYPE 06
    CODE 0612 MD
    PACKAGING 24 mt.
    canalsplitmidi06 AVAILABLE COLOURS STANDARD RAL 9001
  • canalsplitmidi_08
    Duct is designed for the installation of dual-splits
    TYPE 08
    CODE 0812 MD
    PACKAGING 16 mt.
    canalsplitmidi08 AVAILABLE COLOURS STANDARD RAL 9001
  • canalsplitmidi_12
    Duct is designed for the installation of multi-splits
    TYPE 12
    CODE 1212 MD
    PACKAGING 8 mt.
    canalsplitmidi12 AVAILABLE COLOURS STANDARD RAL 9001